About William The Copywriter

I Am Your Right-Hand Man

I only have one mission. And that mission is to make you more sales/leads. If you give me the chance I’ll show you how. And I promise I won’t disappoint you.

This Is Basically What I Do

I write ads that:

  • Grab the attention of people who now in days are always busy and always distracted.
  • Melt away skepticism!
  • Stand out the crowd. It is a very noisy out there, and your ad needs a way to stand out like a gigantic pimple on your nose.

The Principles You Can Uphold Me To

  • I will never trick people into buying products that do not add value to their lives in some way.
  • I will always give more than 100% when working on any client’s project.
  • To me, no one client project is more important than the other.
  • I will always study persuasion and marketing every day to make sure I’m giving my client the highest quality work possible.
  • If I don’t add value to my client’s business at all in some way, then I don’t deserve to get paid.
  • Creativity does not just come from my own brain, it comes from the constant pursuit of new information.
  • I do not accept failure as an option. That includes the work I do for you. If you feel like I failed you, I will give you all your money back, and let you keep my work.
  • I’m here to make great lasting relationships with clients, not just some other business acquaintance who does work for you and never talks to you ever again.
  • I am more than just a copywriter. I am a problem solver, critical thinker, and eternal student.