Getting Copywriting Clients Email 1

Hello there my name is William. I know you probably don’t want to hear about who I am or what I’m asking for. But, if you close this email, you may miss out on a huge opportunity that could have gotten you closer to achieving your goals/dreams.

Think I’m joking?

If you’re still reading, let me cut straight to the point so I don’t waste your time. I am a creative and persuasive copywriter. What I do is write content for businesses for the purpose of increasing their sales or leads.

Now, i know you’re probably thinking to yourself “oh no, another marketer trying to suck money out of my pockets”. I get it.. But before you close this email, I want you genuinely ask yourself something.

I want you to look 3 months into the future and ask yourself “what crazy thing did I do to make my dreams/goals become truer”?

What did you do?

If you even paused for a second ,to ponder about that question, then you know you haven’t done enough.

This right here is your chance. But I’m sure you still have your doubts. You’re probably wondering “what is this guy going to do to actually get me closer to my dreams/goals? And how much is he going to charge me”?

First of all, If money is your concern, well I have good news for you. I don’t care about your money, for now. I only care about results. Results, results, results. That’s what I’m all about. I care way more about my reputation and pride than trying to pull a fast one on you. And I know, that if I can get you results (get you more sales/leads), then you wouldn’t mind paying me what I ask for because I will help you make much more than what you’ll be paying me.

And second, if you’re still reading, then that’s a miracle. Because let me tell you something. You have been reading up to this point for a reason. Most emails sent to you by now should have been thrown to the trash. My words have somehow caught your valuable attention and made you a bit interested in what I have to say. Do you realize the power in that? Imagine I can do the same for your emails/, blog post, website content, brochures, or anything with words on it?

If you’reinterested, then this is what’s going to happen next.

You’re going to reply to this email saying “William, I’m interested”. Then, I will stop looking for other businesses to work with, because I can only give my full, undivided attention, to a few things at a time. Like I said, I focus on results. And results can only come from someone who puts all their focus into one thing at a time. Email me now, and you will become my whole world. I will stand right next to you to slay that dragon.

So, what do you say? Ready to take on the world together?

Still thinking about it?

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