Humans aren’t that stupid, so stop trying to trick them!

I’m really starting to hate all these trends on deception that have been cropping up in todays day and age. I’m talking about stuff like click bait, telling you stuff like “you gotta stick to the end because I got a surprise for you”, and the good ol “if you don’t buy now, then it’s gone forever tomorrow”. All the persuasive tactics to get the customer to buy or commit to something.

Now one might argue that these tactics are used because it is hard to get peoples attention now in days, and their attention spans are shrinking. And yes this is true. But this is not a flaw of the human mind, but an adaptation. We all know there is an explosion of information out there today, more than there has ever been, and definitely more than what the human mind can handle. Imagine actually giving up your time and attention to every single ad or piece of data that comes along your way? Yeah, you’ll go insane. On top of this we humans are more busy than ever. Then, to make things even worse, most of the information we have to sift through is filled with scam, lies, and idiocrasy!

So what you expect humans to do? We have become scanning machines who are good at filtering out bullshit and making sure our time is not wasted.

Now I’m not saying that all these All these manipulation tactics that marketers and salespeople are using don’t work. A clickbait will always work, because, well, it’s a clickbait. But these tactics are losing their effectiveness. Today, almost everyone can see a clickbait from a mile away. Clickbaits aren’t the only things people can sniff out though. I don’t believe anyone anymore when they tell me they only have 1 or 2 left in stock or I only have till tomorrow to buy. It might be true, or it might just be a manipulative tactic. If it’s true, it’s a great tactic to use. But if it’s not, perhaps it could work, but why risk it?

One thing I know about human nature is that they are very sensitive to manipulation and trickery. You can do many great things for someone and they will take you for granted. But if you fool them once, they will remember forever. So many businesses have lost a lot of money and even got closed down all because of simple white lies.

So stop trying to trick people into liking your content. Instead, produce content that is actually interesting. If you focus on making shit interesting, trust me, you will naturally also come up with an interesting headline. And, you don’t need to try so hard marketing your stuff. If you write great content , the content will market itself. So, unless your content is about saving the world from an incoming meteor that’s about to hit the earth in the next minute and you have to get peoples attention or else humanity goes to peril, screw using deceiving manipulative tactics!

So, what is the best thing to do now in days to persuade?

That’s what my next post is about: