You Have Entered The Writers Lair…

Welcome mortal! To the writers lair…

What are you seeking?

Are you looking to use the magical powers of copywriting to multiply your profits?

Oh, how foolish! How dare you come with such a request?

The gods of persuasion do not take such requests lightly.

So many have come here for the same reason only to be laughed at and ridiculed by the persuasion gods.

The power of persuasion alone cannot make it rain coins from the sky or grow dollars on the trees of your backyard.

But you… for some reason think that you can!

Oh wait…

(mystical whispers being exchanged in the background).

Cough, cough. Ok. Are you still there mortal?

My apologies…

It seems like I am the fool right now.

The persuasion gods seem to have inquire a liking into you.

I have underestimated you mortal, and perhaps you are worthy after all.

But you’re still not off the hook!

You must prove that you are worthy. For the power of persuasion needs a worthy soul in order to carry out its purpose.

Perhaps you have what it takes.

Are you worthy?

Do you seek something more than just riches?

Do you seek wisdom?

Do you want to make an impact on the world?

Do you have integrity and are not just here to use persuasion to fool others?

Oh mortal, if this is true, then you must come forth and come deeper into the writers lair.

Don’t be afraid. Be bold.

There is someone who awaits you. He really seeks your presence. Come meet the copywriting warlock: William The Copywriter.